In mid 2006 Acala introduced the AcalaQuell®, which produces without electricity and water pressure clean, high-quality drinking-water.
The tap water in Germany has a good quality, but nevertheless more and more people would like to get even the very last traces of medicaments, heavy metals and pesticides out of their water before drinking it. A lot of people with this demand are satisfied customers of Acala.

Acala thinks, that every human on earth has the right of clean drinking-water. Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, human rights organisations and the Protestant Church stand up for this. But the sad truth is, that access to clean drinking-water is still not a basic right by law. Worldwide more than 6000 children die due to consumption of drinking dirty water. So the goal isn't reached at this point.

Since end 2006 Acala knew, that despite the excellent price-performance ratio not everyone will be able to afford our products. The price of our biggest product is €389,-. So Acala set the goal to launch a water filter system, which produces excellent drinking-water, and is affordable to everyone.

This goal was reached whith the AcalaQuell® One, which has a price of €74,74,-.

A lot of customers bought the AcalaQuell® One, and the feedback was amazing. Clean, high-quality drinking-water is now available to everyone in europe.

Martin Gayer and Prof. Michael Vogt


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