Wasilios Voutsinas


The CEO of the Acala GmbH, Mr. Wasilios Voutsinas, is a very rational person and loved since his earlier childhood everything that can be calculated.

No wonder then, that he worked his way up quickly to a manager in the IT industry, in which he is until today very successful.


Food and dietary supplements hasn’t interested him for a long time. But shortly before his 40th birthday, when the first ailments and "aging" started, he and his wife started listening to their friend Martin Gayer.

Mr. Voutsinas was grateful for the help and very surprised and excited about the expertise of Mr. Gayer.

Just as is his wont, Mr. Voutsinas pondered how it could be possible that even more people can benefit from this knowledge.

He spoke often with his good friend Martin Gayer whose competence he appreciates, as well as its reliability and honesty.


He told Mr. Gayer his idea to start a company for health-products and encouraged him to participate as a product responsible person.


Mr. Gayer knew, Mr. Voutsinas would not do things by halves and let himself be inspired by the idea of being able to reach more people, and assent.


So the company Acala GmbH was put into action from brooding to the initial idea. And  now, more and more people benefit from the knowledge, which makes Acala products to a round thing, coupled with good prices.


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