Martin Gayer


Since his early years, Martin Gayer cared about other people. So in the 80’s he did a lot of educational work, about the dangers of psycho-drugs that have penetrated from Amerika inexorably to Germany.

It is just in his nature to take care of other people, so that he and other people can live as good as it is just possible.

As a consultant and coach, living in difficult life, he gained a lot of experience, the effects of malnutrition on the psyche and on the physiological level and what benefit it is for suffering people to better feed and to consume the right dietary supplements.


In early 1995 Martin Gayer finally switched completely on the nutrition counseling and supervised hundreds of satisfied and happy customers.

In 2005 he had many discussions with his schoolmate Wasilios Voutsinas who wanted to start a company for health products and offered him to be the leading figure for the product development and manufacturing.


Martin Gayer was thrilled to bring his passion for humans and his in over decades accumulated knowledge into the company, and being able to continue to help many people. The result was the in 2006 founded Acala GmbH with Martin Gayer as an expert on healthy and holistic nutrition.


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